Saturday, August 14, 2010

Contemplating Nothing

We conceptualize nothing so the sensation was a mere creation like a new word to describe the absence. Does it constitute nothing? Does it equal to zero, yet we can go beyond the negative infinitely. Just a mere conception, a mere method of measurement. Just another method to mention this and that like the word I am typing.

When we say we feel nothing, usually it constitute the unknown which in most cases physiological. We crave something and we perceive it as sustenance. All mere conception as we believe we need substitute for it. Drugs, sex and over eating were just sedative against reality. Numbing our perception which sometimes contribute illness.

Nothing never belong in this physical realm as there is something which create and administer it. To ever understand nothing will be unattainable as we begin with something which is GOD almighty.

I guess this can be constituted as nothing, so throw it in the dust bin. How can you throw something which doesn't exist?

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